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    In 1999, the Late King Hassan II entrusted HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa with the primary mission of monitoring the tourist beaches that are most vulnerable to human activity.

    Operation "Let our beaches smile" was thus born.

    It was based on the innovative idea that environmental protection is everybody's responsibility. Accordingly, a highly collaborative partnership was needed between the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, local government and the various economic operators most likely to support significant activities with local associations.

    In 2001, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, very aware of the great environmental challenges and Morocco’s invaluable ecological heritage, endowed his country with a Foundation for Environmental Protection and entrusted it to Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, naming her as President to ensure its future.

    In 2007, six years later, in tribute to her efforts in the preservation of coastal environments, Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa received the prestigious award, the title of Ambassador of the Coast, from the United Nations.

    Between these three dates, an ambitious policy based on protection, monitoring, respect and preservation was developed.

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    The Clean Beaches program initially had two key objectives:

        - Clean the beaches.

        - Transmit a veritable environmental education to beachgoers.

    Today, the program's objective is to improve the quality of facilities and promote hygiene and cleanliness of beaches, which results in the following actions:

         - Building awareness among different stakeholders;

         - Establishment of basic infrastructure;

         - Safety and health coverage;

         - Beach hygiene and cleanliness;

         - Beach activities.

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    The Clean Beaches program is implemented by establishing a continuous and progressive series of actions to improve the environmental quality of beaches.

    - Develop tools and materials for environmental awareness and education,

    - Conduct an inquiry to improve standards in health and hygiene, marine pollution, water safety, and bathing water quality;

    - Ensure monitoring on an operational and local level for actions implemented.

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    Plages propres dont la réussite a permis d’implanter le label international « Pavillon Bleu », devrait évoluer vers un programme global engageant l’ensemble des plages qui bénéficient du contrôle de la qualité des eaux de baignade.

    The Clean Beaches program, whose success helped establish the international Blue Flag label, should evolve into a comprehensive program involving all the beaches that monitor the quality of bathing water.

    This new approach will focus on three areas:

     - Sustained support for municipalities of their beach development and management priorities

    - Provision of services developed and organized by the various government departments such as beach markups, security, first aid, etc.

    - Continued support for business partners to upgrade beaches that potentially qualify for the Blue Flag label.

    This will also enable this program to be integrated in the broader context of coastal protection, which the Foundation has initiated with the International Coastal Conference held in October 2010 in Tangier chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa.

Clean Beachs

“..... In this regard, We consider that the Clean Beaches program is a model for the implementation of practical actions to save our beaches and spread environmental awareness through partnership and uniting of all stakeholders efforts”

Excerpt from the Message from His Majesty King Mohammed VI read by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa.