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    The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection joined the FEE as a full member in July 2002. Morocco then became the second non-European country, with South Africa, to put its beach heritage under the close scrutiny of this international forum.

    The level required to obtain the Blue Flag eco-label and the multitude of categories reviewed annually for each bathing site guarantee a concerted mobilization, the only possibility of success.

    This repeated challenge requires the capitalization of knowledge. Gradually, under the motivation of high quality standards, attitudes are shaped, habits and practices are acquired, which permanently anchor Moroccans' vital attachment to their ecological heritage.

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    The Blue Flag strengthens environmental policy of the Foundation and is a prime marketing tool to showcase the potential of a coastline. Specific criteria in many areas all have the purpose of upgrading seaside resorts in:
           - Hygiene and Cleanliness
           - Development and Management of
           - Safety and Health Coverage
           - Entertainment, Awareness and Environmental Education

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    The observation post where she is, the Foundation organizes a real cross-fertilization by sharing good practices of different actors and site managers.

    For each track, a local committee is set up it is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of operations.

    It always includes a representative of the Local Authority, the City, the Sponsor, Civil Protection, the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and other stakeholders Representative: Health, Youth and Sport, and Tourism Equipment.

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    resulted in 26 Blue Flag labels awarded in 2017 including a Marina at Saidia Med marina in the Oriental region.

    The awarded label concerns the following beaches (map):

    1. Ba-kacem/Tanger-Asilah

    2. Aglou sidi moussa/Tiznit

    3. Arekmane/Nador

    4. Achakar/Tanger-Asilah

    5. Bouznika

    6. Skhirate

    7. El Moussafir/Dakhla

    8. Essaouira

    9. Foum loued / Laâyoune

    10. Haouzia

    11. Dalia /Fahs Anjra

    12. Oued Aliane /Fahs-Anjra 13. Oualidia

    14. Oued Laou/Tétouan

    15. Oum labouir/Dakhla

    16. Safi

    17. Saidia

    18. Sidi Rahal

    19. Souiria lkdima/Safi

    20. Station touristique de Saidia

    21. Cap Beddouza/Safi

    22. Agadir

    23. Sidi Kankouch 1/Fahs Anjra

    24. Sidi Ifni

    25. Imintourga (Mireleft)

blue Flag

The Blue Flag label is the global reference in beach and marina quality. Present since 1985 through the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), in 48 countries around the world, the label is sponsored by the European Union, the United Nations and the World Tourism Organization.